Sunday, November 21, 2010

My new product line!!

For ages now I have been fantasizing about bringing out a range of wooden cut outs to hang on your wall and look pretty, well with the help of my love that fantasy has finally been realised!

We have started out with a range of ten designs that were inspired or taken directly from my jewellery range and plan to bring out new ranges every couple of months. If you are interesed in purchasing one of these beauties which can be viewed here, please email Derek or myself on

Hope you're having a beautiful week and that the christmas season madness isn't getting you down. Holidays soon, cant wait!!!


Freshly Found said...

Gen and Derek - these are wonderful! They will do so well!

FarmGirl said...

Love the heart!!

Holly Springett said...

Love the bird!

Miss Molly said...

these are beautiful! cannot wait to get my hands on them at market this weekend!

coelho said...

i'll be shopping....those are divine x