Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas pressies for free!

Lucky Pony, Angie Pants is having the most amazing giveaway on her amazing blog so go enter, quick.

Oh how I wish I could enter this one!

it’s Christmas time, who wants some (insert Oprah’s voice here) pressssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssents?!

It’s nearly Christmas time. It’s nearly holiday time. It’s nearly eat as much food as your poor little stomach can hold then wait 8 minutes and go in for seconds time. I love December – Things slowly come to a halt at work, the sun is parading out and about everyday, you are so close to getting to spend actual days with people you only get to see after 5pm and on weekends. Whooo good times ahead.

So seeing as it is nearly Christmas and seeing as I have so many lovely followers who read my blog and send me such nice mails and comments, I thought I would get some of my blogger friends together and do one last big giveaway post.

Below are 8 wonderful people who have all given something awesome towards this competition. Each block contains a number, the piece/s they are giving away, a picture of their lovely mugs and a bit about them.

All you are going to have to do is leave me a merry comment and go past their blogs to say ‘hi’ or “man you are smart” or “wow” or “get Angie to pick me or run the risk of loosing both eyebrows. The choice is yours”. Super easy right? Right.

I will then pick TWO winners, who will have to mail me 4 out of the 8 numbers, each number representing a gift. So if you want 1, 2, 5 and 7 that’s what you will send me. The one who mails me second gets what’s left over 4, which is still awesome! If you don’t win, then here are some cool Christmas present ideas for you, all links are below x x

Thanks to all the lovelies who have given things… to make the pictures and type bigger, just right click on them x

Mariet – Kittens with Mittens – TWO handmade handloved owl brooches.

Marietjie – Een dag op ‘n reendag - a sterling silver limited edition Skermunkil wolf necklace

Janita – Pulp books – The Dirt, Motley Crue’s autobiography (so awesome!)

Tunet – quirkykindacool – handmade feathered hairclip and felt brooch

Genevieve – Genevieve Motley – handmade black swan necklace and sweet swan ring

Cal – Fable Fairy – ornate vintage hair slide and handmade Fable Fairy ring

Telri and Steven – Paper Jet - beautiful handmade, illustrated gift cards and Jet notebook

Carla – Token – another handmade beauty, this time a ceramic bird brooch

So Happy holidays friends and good luck x x


Bebedores do Gondufo said...

Very good.

Lana said...

Oh what a cool giveaway Gen! Holding thumbs! Actually just discovered Mariet's blog the other day, love her brooches!

nymph said...

Swooooning over your swans - please oh please could I win one?

Colleen Mulrooney said...

ooooo sooo many pretty things! your fat robin is gorgeous and i love your bunny brooch!! and humphrey is adorable :) so glad lucky pony sent me

Tami89 said...

the wooden anchors with the little metall details are amazing!! ok ok..deifintely in the top 4 of this here christmas wishlist!! i hope i get picked!!

Kat said...

entered a few give-aways of your stuff before, but alas have had no luck :( maybe this time will be different! :)

Anonymous said...

pretty awesome

Lizelle said...

Yay! It is X-mas time, a good time to be spoiled wrotten...

Hannah Banana said...

Santa said you have to let me win because I rock the Nice List like a boss and he'll shun you if you don't.

C'mon guys, you don't mess with Santa.
Santa, guys. SANTA!

Also I have a samurai sword with which I am a pro. Do with that information what you will.


alexandra said...

I swan(t) this prize!