Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red dress love

Fable fairy recently invited me to take part in this red dress post, although I'm more of a black or white dress girl I've owned a few red dresses over the years and found this one lurking in my cupboard and remembered how much I once loved it!

So it got me thinking, if I had to buy a red dress now, what would it look like? These are a few of the beauties I found online. (My heart is doing star jumps for the first one!)

Image credits: boho dress here, Anna Karenina dress here, Grecian dress here, Antonia dress here and red sailor dress here

Have a looksy at these other gorgeous blogs for posts on this theme:

Have a beautiful weekend! x


Gorilla Is My Friend said...

That sailor dress is almost as cool as mine!Would love to have it, hope those legs are included!

FarmGirl said...

I love the off the shoulder frilly one!

Fablefairy said...

I am doing star jumps for the second one - the anna karenina dress - I am in love it's a fable in itself that dress though I can fully see the attraction to dress no 1. And I rpretty much love the dress lurking in the back of your closet

Fablefairy said...

argh posted before finished. Thanks for doing this post. I have LOVED these different takes on this theme

Bobby said...

Your dress is so pretty, I like the shape of it.

Also ADORE the sailor dress.